Finexca Ecosystem | Finexca Exchange

Finexca Exchange

Finexca Exchange is a global one-stop multi asset digital exchange solution built in order to promote the adoption and application of blockchain/cryptocurrencies, provide secure and simple exchange services in Africa and other parts of the world.

  • Round the clock (24-7) customer support .
  • Inbuilt multi wallet & multi- assets (Fiat, crypto, gift-cards, etc.) system.
  • Timely execution of large orders (BIDs/ASKs).
  • Many Channels of fiat deposits and withdrawals( local bank, debit and credit cards, mobile money, etc. ).
  • Fast matching engine & multple trading pairs.
  • Direct connectivity to world order book through Finexca Fiquidity
  • Mobile Friendly and supports all modern browser.

Finexca Payments & Remittance

Shop, Pay & get paid globally

Simple and fast payment solution to accept crypt-payments from customers, friends & families, businesses,etc. and get it settled to you in your local currencies or cryptos

No bank account? No problem.

Get payments in your local currencies even without a bank account.

Cash & non-cash remittance

Global cash and non-cash remittance soluttion for individuals and businesses.

Utilities, Bills & Subscriptions

Don't ever get disconnected. Pay your bills, subscriptions, etc. from a single platform



Fiquidity, being a digital exchange market making, trading, real-time and historical market data, digital assets management solution, provides businesses with the best exchange deals globally by interconnecting and serving several high volume exchanges' order book through a simple and unified API.

  • Realtime & hitorical market data.
  • Fast liquidity API for businesses
  • Unified trades & order book (Historical and Live)
  • API driven and bots friendly
  • Advance reporting
  • many more features


Finexca Instant Swap

Finstanter is a Finexca Systems’ product that rests on the shoulder of Finexca Exchange and Finexca Fiquidity to enable users (new and season trades/investors) to instantly and securely exchange/swap multiple digital assets (crypto, fiats, etc) of any size and volume at the best exchange rates.

  • Simple and secure.
  • With or without KYC
  • No limit to size of asset to be swapped
  • Low conversion fee
  • Even lower fee when you pay in FNG.

Figniter (Finexca Launchpad)

Figniter is a service that helps promising, thoroughly checked and verified startups, established businesses raise funds for their projects or businesses on Finexca Exchange through what is known as Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Benefits to investors

  • Access to thoroughly checked and verified projects only.
  • Simplieid process of investing in projects.
  • Real time reports and notifications

Benefits to traders

  • Large Finexca Exchange community.
  • Verified and willing investors.
  • Listing of token/coin after IEO
  • Low listing fee when paid in FNG
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FinDefin is a Decentralize Finance arm of Finexca that....

Decentralize Loan
  • Save time by automating processes
  • Get high quality work product from large collection of skilled professionals all around the world
  • Automated setlement of rewards to participants
Decentralized Liquidity
  • Participate in growing lists of reliable and available tasks and earn rewards.
  • Submit completed task smoothly and save time.
  • Simple dashboard to monitor balances, submissions & settlements
Staking / Earning
  • Get hired by project owners and earn more.
  • Get settled for your work without hassles
  • Simple dashboard to monitor balances, submissions & settlements
The platform
  • Prioritized security and safety of data.
  • Instant notifications to all stake holders
  • Regular updates and improvements to the core system