Finexca multi-purpose token | Finexca Exchange
Ecosystem Token

Finexca coin is the utility token issued by Finexca and serves as the .


Users of Finexca coin can enjoy discounts/decution in transaction fee when they pay using FNG

Higher referral program earning

Get higher payments for referrals who trade in Finexca coin (FNG).

  • Enjoy discounts when paying in FNG.
  • Invest in projects and businesses that solve real life problems.
  • Trade, HODl, vote for listing/delisting of projects on Finexca Exchange
  • Finexca coin is the only accepted currency with which service fees can be paid.
Finexca Exchange
  • Enjoy discounted trading fees and wide range of trade pairs.
  • Participate in voting on Finexca exchange.
  • Earn higher referral bonus.
General Payment
  • Pay for utility bills, shop online,
  • Buy call cards, data, transfer to local accounts at discount price.
  • Pay businesses, individuals, service providers, etc at the speed of light.
Finexca debit/gift Cards
  • Share love with friends & families by giving FNG to them.
  • Own a debit card with FNG as it's primary currency and pay for services in over a million online shops.
FineBounty platform
  • (Host) List, manage your airdrop/bounties and access other services for free.
  • (Hunters) Pay less fees when you HODL (hold) FNG.

Token Economics of Finexca Coin (FNG)

A break down of Finexca coin allocations

FNG Asset Information

Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Tokens Allocated for public and private ICO /IEO 550,000,000 (55% of total supply)
Token Value 1 FNG = 0.059 USD
IEO dates To be announced
Exchange to be listed on FNG will be listed on a minimum of 4 exchanges(To be announced)
Contract Address 0x2f1085519f38eAe4EEF673B8F0f23D42CcF88762